This year, we are inviting members of the EFRC, Hub, CMS, and CCS communities to use their creativity and imaginations to produce science-inspired images and poetry. This is an optional contest in the same spirit as the Life at the Frontiers of Energy Research Video Contest, Life at the Frontiers of Energy Research Video Contest II, Ten Hundred and One Word Challenge, Poetry of Science Contest, and Intersection of Sounds and Science Podcast Contest, as we’ve done in past Principal Investigators’ Meetings. These contests are designed to educate, inspire, and entertain a well-informed but non-expert audience with the extraordinary science, innovation, and people in the EFRCs.

This year nine teams entered in entries that included a rich variety of images and poems that explored  the complexities, splendor, and awe of basic energy science. This year’s contest winners were selected by our panel of wonderful judges:

  • Katie McKissick is an author and long-time science communicator. She is the author and illustrator of Beatrice the Biologist, a blog and webcomic all about science, as well as numerous other works such as What's in Your Genes and Amoeba Hugs and Other Nonsense. She is currently the digital engagement manager at The Kavli Foundation, which supports the advancement of science and the increase of public understanding and support for scientists and their work.
  • Dr. David L. Hu is a poet, science communicator, and a professor of mechanical engineering at Georgia Tech. He is the author of How to Walk on Water and Climb Up Walls, which explores the biomechanics that underpin animal locomotion through a combination of biology, engineering, physics, and robotics. His latest work, The P Word, draws on both human and animal biology to provide a wonderful pre-puberty guide to the penis for young people.
  • The entry that received the most votes from the public during the voting period was given the People’s Choice Award.

The Office of Science is pleased to announce the winning juried entries, the People's Choice Award, and honorable mentions:


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