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Editor’s Note and Editorial Board, January 2014

Building Something New, Something Lasting

The start of a new year is the perfect time to celebrate building something new—whether it is a scientific career or a nanoparticle replica of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque roofline. Building is rarely straightforward; extremes happen—masochistic physics professors teach classes and materials encounter high pressures and temperatures. Here, you’ll learn about scientists who overcame extremes to get the job done.

The newsletter begins with the extreme of the U.S. Department of Energy’s fifth grand challenge, which asks How do we characterize and control matter awayespecially very far awayfrom equilibrium? The authors show how researchers at Energy Frontier Research Centers are doing just that, including using flames to synthesize thin films for dye-sensitized solar cells. In our feature article, you’ll meet Maria Luckyanova, who is building her career among the many choices available to her.

In our highlights section, you’ll learn how scientists built magnetic molds to re-create an iconic rooftop and other intricate nanostructures. You’ll see how scientists are sculpting nanomaterials, changing an alloy’s growth pattern by changing the light that strikes it. Others answer fundamental questions around building fuels, whether for combustion engines or for “artificial leaves” with dyes and nanostructures that turn sunlight into fuel.

Early career scientists who are tackling the grand challenges in their EFRCs built the newsletter. Some of our board members are just completing their graduate degrees, while others are working in labs and lecture halls. All are dedicated, curious, and committed to communicating about science. In addition, our board benefited from two guest contributors.

Kristin Manke

Editorial Board

  • Dennis M. Callahan, Light-Materials Interactions in Energy Conversion
  • Brian Doyle, HeteroFoaM Center
  • Laila Jaber-Ansari, Center for Electrical Energy Storage
  • Tyler Josephson, Catalysis Center for Energy Innovation
  • Kara Manke, Solid-State Solar-Thermal Energy Conversion Center
  • Jimmy O’Dea, Energy Materials Center at Cornell
  • Kjell Schroder, EFRC:CST for Understanding Charge Separation and Transfer at Interfaces in Energy Materials
  • Bryan Weber, Combustion Energy Frontier Research Center

Guest Writers

  • Ralph House, Center for Solar Fuels
  • Eyas Mahmoud, Catalysis Center for Energy Innovation

Friend of the Newsletter

  • Kanan Puntambekar, Center for Electrical Energy Storage