Lightning Talk Challege

(from left) Gabrielle Kamm, John Ferrari and Eymana Maria

Speeding Up Materials Synthesis By Manipulating Transport

Gabrielle E. Kamm1, John J. Ferrari1, Guanglong Huang2, Eymana Maria2, Danrui Hu1, Simon M. Vornholt2, Rebecca D. McAuliffe3, Gabriel M. Veith3, Katsuyo S. Thornton2, Wenhao Sun2, Karena W. Chapman1
1Stony Brook University, 2University of Michigan, 3Oak Ridge National Laboratory.


Lightning Talk Challenge

Yasmeen AlFaraj

Accelerating Energy-Efficient Advanced Materials Discovery: Degradable pDCPD Thermosets

Yasmeen S. AlFaraj1, Anna A. Cramblitt2, Somesh Mohapatra1, Yuyan Wang1, Avni Singhal1, Benjamin Suslick2, Jeff Moore2, Nancy Sottos2, Rafael Gomez-Bombarelli1, Jeremiah A. Johnson1
1Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


Lightning Talk Challenge

Aisulu Aitbekova

A Tandem Photoelectrochemical/Photothermal System for CO2 Reduction to Liquid Fuels

Aisulu Aitbekova,1,2 Kyra Yap,1,3 Matthew Salazar,1,2 Magel Su,1,2 Tobias A. Kistler,1,4 Peter Agbo,1,4 Theodor Agapie,1,2 Jonas C. Peters,1,2 Thomas F. Jaramillo,1,3 Alexis T. Bell,1,4 Harry A. Atwater1,2
1Liquid Sunlight Alliance, 2California Institute of Technology, 3SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, 4Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Hub – LiSA

Lightning Talk Challenge

(from upper left) Sam Marsden, Isabella Vettese, and Zubin Kumar (from lower left) María Ley-Flores, Riccardo Alessandri, and Archit Chabbi

Circular Polyolefins: Design Principles For Sustainable Plastics

Sam Marsden1, María Ley-Flores1, Riccardo Alessandri1, Isabella Vettese1, Zubin Kumar1, Archit Chabbi2, Juan J. de Pablo1, Stuart J. Rowan1
1University of Chicago; 2Rice University


Lightning Talk Challenge

Kyleigh Range, an undergraduate at Cal State East Bay

Characterization Of Bacterial Microcompartment Shell Formation Through Denaturant-Induced Sheet Dismantling And Subsequent Shell Self-Assembly

Kyleigh Range1, Joshua MacCready2, Markus Sutter1,2, Sam Snyder3, Arinita Pramanik1, Nina Ponomarenko3, Daniel Ducat2,4, Paul Ashby1, Michaela TerAvest4, Corie Ralston1
1Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; 2Michigan State University; 3Argonne National Laboratory


Lightning Talk Challenge

Matthew R. Hermes

Automating model space selection in fragment-based multireference methods

Matthew R. Hermes1, Valay Agarawal1, Laura Gagliardi1, Cong Liu2, Christopher Knight2, Rishu Khurana2
1University of Chicago; 2Argonne National Laboratory

CCS – Exascale

Lightning Talk Challege

Mark van Schilfgaarde

Efficient and Scalable, High-Fidelity Green’s function theory of Electronic Structure and Response functions

Peyton Cline1, Mushir Thodika1, Casey Eichstaedt , Dimitar Pashov2, Brian Cunningham3, Myrta Gruening3, Mark van Schilfgaarde1
1National Renewable Energy Laboratory, 2King's College London, 3Queen’s University Belfast


Lightning Talk Challenge

Scott Jensen

Stable solid molecular hydrogen above 900K from a machine-learned potential trained with diffusion Quantum Monte Carlo

Hongwei Niu,1 Yubo Yang,2,3Scott Jensen,3 Markus Holzmann,4 Carlo Pierleoni,5 and David M. Ceperley3
1Harbin Institute of Technology; 2Flatiron Institute; 3University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; 4University Grenoble Alpes; 5University of L’Aquila


Lightning Talk Challege

Sheilah Cherono, PhD Student, CEDARS, NCAT

Electrocatalytic Properties of Pulsed Laser-Deposited Titanium Dioxide And Titanium Oxynitride Thin Films Grown on Photo-Adsorbing Single Crystal Substrates with Different Orientations

Sheila Cherono1, Ikenna Chris-Okoro1, Swapnil Shankar Nalawade1, Austin Reese2, Brady Bruno2, Jacob Som2, R. Soyoung Kim3, Johannes Mahl3, Junko Yano3, Ethan Crumlin3, Jin Suntivich2, Tanja Cuk4, Bishnu Bastakoti1, Y.Yun1, Shyam Aravamudhan1, Dhananjay Kumar1
1North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University; 2Cornell University; 3Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; 4University of Colorado at Boulder


Lightning Talk Challenge

AIM Team

Predicting Transient Response of Composites Subject to Dynamic Loading Using Deep Neural Operator Learning

Minglei Lu1, Elham Kiyani2, Gang Li1, Zhen Li1, George Karniadakis2.
1Clemson University; 2Brown University

EFRC – AIM for Composites

Lightning Talk Challege

Špela Kunstelj

Mechanistic Insights of RuO2-Mediated Butene Electrosynthesis

Joseph Hupp,1 Chibueze V Amanchukwu,2 Anna Wuttig,2 Ksenija D Glusac3, Laura Gagliardi2, Gautam Stroscio,2 Arturo Sauza de la Vega,2 Hannah Fejzic,2 Reginaldo J. Gomes,2Špela Kunstelj,2 Biki Behera3
1Northwestern University; 2The University of Chicago; 3University of Illinois at Chicago


Lightning Talk Challenge

Hailiang Wang

Enhanced Methanol Production from Photoelectrochemical CO2 Reduction via Interface and Microenvironment Tailoring

Bo Shang1, Fengyi Zhao2, Yuanzuo Gao1, Jing Li1, Conor L. Rooney1, Colton Sheehan3, Oliver Leitner1, Langqiu Xiao3, Thomas E. Mallouk3, Tianquan Lian2, Hailiang Wang1
1Yale University; 2Emory University; 3University of Pennsylvania

Solar Hub – CHASE

Interactive Dynamic Energy Analysis (IDEA): A New Tool for Predicting Catalytic Reaction Pathways through Joint Density-Functional Theory

Colin R. Bundschu, Mahdi Ahmadi, Juan Felipe Méndez-Valderrama, Héctor D. Abruña, Tomás A. Arias
Cornell University


Lightning Talk Challenge

Cooper Tezak

High-Throughput Potential-Dependent Modeling of the Electrochemical Nitrogen Reduction Reaction

Cooper Tezak,1 Nicholas Singstock,1 Abdulaziz Alherz,1 Derek Vigil-Fowler,2 Christopher Sutton,3 Ravishankar Sundararaman,4 Charles Musgrave.1
1Univeristy of Colorado Boulder, 2National Renewable Energy Laboratory, 3University of South Carolina, 4Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.


Lightning Talk Challege

Bjarne Kreitz

Automated Generation of Microkinetics for Heterogeneously Catalyzed Reactions Considering Correlated Uncertainties

Bjarne Kreitz, C. Franklin Goldsmith
Brown University


Lightning Talk Challenge

(From upper left) Saudagar Dongare, Oguz K. Coskun, Manu Gautam; (From middle left) Louise Berben, Bijandra Kumar, Joshua Spurgeon; (From lower left), Robert Sacci, Anastassia N. Alexandrova, and Burcu Gurkan

Functionalized Ionic liquid electrolyte controls CO2 electroreduction product selectivities and overpotentials over transition metals

Saudagar Dongare1, Oguz K. Coskun1, Louise Berben2, Manu Gautam3, Bijandra Kumar4, Joshua Spurgeon3, Robert Sacci5, Anastassia N. Alexandrova6, and Burcu Gurkan1
1Case Western Reserve University; 2University of California, Davis; 3University of Louisville; 4Elizabeth City State University; 5Oak Ridge National Laboratory; 6 University of California, Los Angeles


Lightning Talk Challege

a - Schematic illustrating concept for a flat helical repeat protein designed de novo to template the organization of Ca2+ and CO32-ions into a crystalline motif in order to drive crystal nucleation, b - Frame from an in situ TEM movie showing the nucleation of calcite (dark gray) adjacent to supramolecular assemblies (light gray) of Ca2+ ions and designed proteins having the structure shown in the inset.

Directing Polymorph Specific Calcium Carbonate Formation With De Novo Designed Protein Templates

Fatima Davila-Hernandez1
1University of Washington


Combining X-Ray Scattering and Optical Spectroscopy to Characterize Ion and Solvent Intercalation in π-conjugated Polymers and Their Impact on Optoelectronic Function

Spencer Yeager1
1University of Arizona


Lightning Talk Challege

Student and post-doc authors of this work, left to right, as listed in author list.

Photocatalysis in a New Light: A Biohybrid Approach for Improved Reactivity with Tunable Low-Energy Light Excitation

Paul T. Cesana1, Beryl X. Li2, Claire G. Page2,3, Samuel G. Shepard4, Stephen I. Ting2,5, Dvir Harris1, Stephanie M. Hart1, Courtney M. Olson1, Megan A. Emmanuel2, Jesus I. Martinez Alvarado2, Minjung Son1, Talia J. Steiman2, Felix N. Castellano4, Abigail G. Doyle2,5, Todd K. Hyster2,3, David W. C. MacMillan2, Gabriela S. Schlau-Cohen1
1Massachusetts Institute of Technology; 2Princeton University; 3Cornell University; 4North Carolina State University; 5University of California, Los Angeles


Lightning Talk Challenge

(left to right) Scott Kaiser, Sahithya Sridharan Iyer

A Multiscale Computational Framework for Biomolecular Energy Transduction: From Electrons to the Mesoscale

1Scott Kaiser, 1Sahithya Sridharan Iyer, 1Daniel Beckett, 1Siva K. Dasetty, 3Tomasz Skora, 2Garnet K. L. Chan, 3Tamara Bidone, 1Andrew Ferguson, 1Gregory A. Voth
1University of Chicago, 2California Institute of Technology, 3University of Utah


Lightning Talk Challege

Sarah A. Pfaff

Xylan Plays a Critical Role in Patterned Secondary Cell Wall Formation

Sarah A. Pfaff, Edward R. Wagner, Ying Gu, Daniel J. Cosgrove
The Pennsylvania State University


Lightning Talk Challenge

Shilin Cui

Catalytic Chemical Recycling of Post-Consumer Polyethylene

Shilin Cui1, Alejandra Arroyave2, Andrew L. Kocen1, Jaqueline C. Lopez1, Anne M. LaPointe1, Massimiliano Delferro2, Geoffrey W. Coates1
1Cornell University; 2Argonne National Laboratory


Exploring Symmetry Breaking and Structural Dimensionality Engineering in HOIPs: Unraveling Emergent Spin, Electronic, and Optical Properties

Yi Xie,1 Jack Morgenstein,1 Gabrielle Koknat,1 Nicholas J. Weadock,2 Junxiang Zhang,2 Heshan Samuditha Weerasinghe Hewa Walpitage,3 Peter C. Sercel,4 Alan Phillips,5 Naidel A. M. S. Caturello,6 John Colton,7 Xiaoping Wang,8 Ruyi Song,1 Benjamin G. Bobay,1 Jeffrey Blackburn,5 Matthew C. Beard,5 Zeev Valy Vardeny,3 Seth Marder,2 Michael F Toney,2 Volker Blum,1 and David B. Mitzi1
1Duke University; 2University of Colorado Boulder; 3University of Utah; 4Center for Hybrid Organic Inorganic Semiconductors for Energy; 5National Renewable Energy Laboratory; 6Federal University of ABC; 7Brigham Young University; 8Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Lightning Talk Challenge

(Left) Matthew J. Hurlock and (Right) Matthew Christian

Mechanisms That Govern Long-Term Stability of ZIF-8-Based Porous Liquids

Matthew J. Hurlock,1 Matthew S. Christian,1 Jessica M. Rimsza,1 and Tina M. Nenoff1
1Sandia National Laboratories


Lightning Talk Challege

(from upper left) Zejie Chen, Wenjie Zang; (from lower left) Justin T. Mulvey, Pushp Raj Prasad, Jocienne N. Nelson

Temporal Evolution of Nanomaterials Structure and Function during Hydrogen Evolution Induction Period for State-of-the-Art Pt-Loaded Rh-Doped SrTiO3 Nanoparticles

Zejie Chen1, Wenjie Zang1, Justin T. Mulvey1, Pushp Raj Prasad1, Jocienne N. Nelson2, Akihiko Kudo3, Xiaoqing Pan1, Joseph P. Patterson1, A. Alec Talin2, Shane Ardo1
1University of California Irvine; 2Sandia National Laboratories; 3Tokyo University of Science


Lightning Talk Challenge

A catalytic condenser modulates the charge density of metal nanoclusters to alter surface reactions.

Center for Programmable Energy Catalysis

Paul J. Dauenhauer1
1University of Minnesota


Lightning Talk Challege

(left) A Schematic of a nano-slit containing a CH4-CO2 mixture, (right) Mole density distribution of the mixture in a confined pore network.

Coupled Phase Behavior and Transport in Complex Confined Nanoporous Networks

Lingfu Liu1, Nijat Rustamov1, Saman Aryana1
1University of Wyoming


Why does dissolving salt in water decrease its dielectric permittivity

Chunyi Zhang1,2, Shuwen Yue1, Athanassios Z. Panagiotopoulos1, Michael L. Klein2, Xifan Wu2
1Temple University; 2Princeton University


Probing Higher Order Phonon Anharmonicity in Ceramic Nuclear Fuels under Temperature and Pressure Extremes

Saqeeb Adnan1, Amey Khanolkar2, Marat Khafizov1, Chris Marianetti3, Michael Manley4, David H. Hurley2
1The Ohio State University; 2Idaho National Laboratory; 3Columbia University; 4Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Lightning Talk Challenge

Chelsea Wren Neil

Experimental Observations of Chemo-mechanical coupling during Carbon Mineralization in Fractures

Chelsea Wren Neil1, Haylea Nisbet1, Uwaila Iyare1, Yun Yang1, Bill Carey1, Hari Viswanathan1, Peter Kang2
1Los Alamos National Laboratory; 2University of Minnesota


Lightning Talk Challege

(left) Alejandro Ramos-Ballesteros, (right) Radiation-induced defects in solid chloride salts.

Advances in the Effects of Ionizing Radiation on the Stability and Reactivity of Molten Salts

Alejandro Ramos-Ballesteros1,2, Kazuhiro Iwamatsu3, Santanu Roy4, Ruchi Gakhar1, Phillip Halstenberg5, Michael E. Woods1, Bobby Layne3, Jay A. LaVerne2 , Simon M. Pimblott,1 James F. Wishart3, and Gregory P. Holmbeck1
1Idaho National Laboratory, 2University of Notre Dame, 3Brookhaven National Laboratory, 4Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 5University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Lightning Talk Challenge

Desiree Mae Prado

Structure and Solvation Dynamics of Deep Eutectic Solvents

Desiree Mae Prado1, Rathiesh Pandian1, Ibrahim Alfurayj1, Xiaochen Shen1, Carla Fraenza2, Stephanie Spittle3, William Brackett3, Bryce Hansen4, Kaylie Glynn4, Yong Zhang5, Brian Doherty6, Robert Savinell1, Steve Greenbaum2, Joshua Sangoro4, Edward Maginn5, Mark Tuckerman6, and Clemens Burda1
1Case Western Reserve University; 2Hunter College of CUNY; 3University of Tennessee, Knoxville; 4The Ohio State University; 5University of Notre Dame; 6New York University


Experimentally-Informed State Dependent Atomic Forces in Real Fluid Ensembles

Brennon L. Shanks, Michael P Hoepfner
University of Utah


Lightning Talk Challenge

Zitan Huang

Reducing the energy barrier for proton transport in polymers under anhydrous conditions

Zitan Huang1, Michelle Lehmann3, Michael Hickner2, Tomonori Saito3, Ralph Colby1
1Penn State University; 2Michigan State University; 3Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Lightning Talk Challege

Maxime Pouvreau. A new reactive force field will be used to study aluminate oligomerization and the early-stage nucleation of solid phases.

New reactive force fields explore molecular reactivity in concentrated electrolytes

Maxime Pouvreau1, Qing Guo2, Hsiu-Wen Wang3, Gregory K. Schenter1, Carolyn I. Pearce1,4, Aurora E. Clark2,1, Kevin M. Rosso1
1Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; 2University of Utah; 3Oak Ridge National Laboratory; 4Washington State University


Mechanochemical Phenomena at the Alkali Metal/Solid Electrolyte Interface

Catherine Haslam1, S. Sandoval2, B. Vishnugopi3, J. Sakamoto1, D. Mitlin4, P. Mukherjee3, M. McDowell2
1University of Michigan; 2Georgia Institute of Technology; 3Purdue University; 4University of Texas, Austin


Lightning Talk Challege

(from left) Everett Zofchak, Rahul Sujanani, Nico Marioni, and Aubrey Quigley

Mechanisms underlying mixed salt partitioning in uncharged poly(ethylene oxide)-based membranes

Everett S. Zofchak, Aubrey E. Quigley, Jordyn G. Yoh, Kevin K. Reimund, Nathaniel A. Lynd, Benny D. Freeman, Venkat Ganesan
University of Texas at Austin


Lightning Talk Challenge

From left to right: An T. Ta, Ayoub Daouli, R. Seaton Ullberg, Vanessa Proust

Modeling Ion Exchange in Faujasites: A Methods Study using Density Functional Theory

An T. Ta1, Ayoub Daouli2, R. Seaton Ullberg1, Vanessa Proust3, Agnès Grandjean3, Michael Badawi2, Simon R. Phillpot1
1University of Florida, Gainesville, 2University of Lorraine, 3CEA, DES, ISEC, DMRC, Univ Montpellier


Ion Transport in MoS2 Nanochannels

Eli Hoenig
University of Chicago


Refractory Transition Metal Oxides as Electrodes in Lithium-Ion Batteries

Ashlea Patterson,1 Yunkai Luo,2 Yucheng Zhou,2 Laurent Pilon,2 Bruce Dunn,2 Ram Seshadri1
1University of California, Santa Barbara, 2University of California, Los Angeles


Lightning Talk Challege

Megan Burrill

New Routes to Hydrogen Incorporation in SrTiO3

Megan Burrill1, Yea-Shine Lee1, Roberto dos Reis1, Zhi Li1, Erica Truong1, Guennnadi Evmenenko1, James R. Rondinelli1, Vinayak P. Dravid1, Chris Wolverton1, Yan-Yan Hu2, Michael J. Bedzyk1, Sossina M. Haile1
1Northwestern University; 2Florida State University


Lightning Talk Challenge

(from left) Yu-Ming Tu, Rahul Prasanna Misra, Matthias Kuehne, and Cody L. Ritt

Nanofluidic Platforms for Addressing Knowledge Gaps at the Water-Energy Nexus

Yu-Ming Tu1, Rahul Prasanna Misra1, Matthias Kuehne2, Hananeh Oliaei3, Cody L. Ritt1, Samuel Faucher1, Kyle Sendgikoski4, Xintong Xu5, John Cumings4, Arun Majumdar5, Narayana Aluru3, Daniel Blankschtein1, and Michael S. Strano1*
1Massachusetts Institute of Technology; 2Brown University; 3University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; 4University of Maryland; 5Stanford University


Multiscale Nuclear-Electronic Orbital Quantum Dynamics in Complex Environments

Eleftherios Lambros1, Aodong Liu1, Mathew Chow2, Sharon Hammes-Schiffer2, Xiaosong Li1
1University of Washington; 2Yale University


Lightning Talk Challenge

Sean Mills, University of California, Berkeley

The Duality in Damage: Multi-Scale Investigations Into Corrosion and Irradiation Effects in Salt-Facing Nuclear Reactor Materials

Sean H. Mills1,2, Ryan D. Hayes1, Ho Lun Chan3, Nathan Bieberdorf1, Minsung Hong1, Elena Romanovskaia3, Alexandra M. Kennedy1, Laurent Capolungo4, Mark Asta1, John R. Scully3, Peter Hosemann1, Raluca O. Scarlat1, Andrew M. Minor1,2
1University of California Berkeley, 2Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 3University of Virginia, 4 Los Alamos National Laboratory


Studying the impact of interactions on nonlinear optical processes using real-time ab-initio based simulations

Sangeeta Rajpurohit1, Xavier Andrade1
1Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Lightning Talk Challenge

Kushantha Withanage

FLOSIC for complex anion-solvent solutions

Kushantha P. K. Withanage1, Alexander I. Johnson1, Mark R. Pederson1 and Koblar A Jackson2
1The University of Texas at El Paso, 2Central Michigan University


Lightning Talk Challege

From left to right: Jon Lafuente-Bartolome, Chao Lian, Weng Hong Sio

Ab Initio Many-Body Theory of Polarons

Jon Lafuente-Bartolome1,2, Chao Lian1, Weng Hong Sio1,2, Idoia G. Gurtubay2, Asier Eiguren2, Feliciano Giustino1
1The University of Texas at Austin, 2University of the Basque Country at Bilbao, 3University of Macau


Lightning Talk Challenge

(left to right) Eli Mueller, Marisa Romanelli, Jorge Rodriguez, Fabian Jerzembeck

Superfluid density through a Van Hove singularity: Sr2RuO4 under uniaxial strain

Eli Mueller1,2, Yusuke Iguchi1, Fabian Jerzembeck3, Marisa L. Romanelli4, Jorge O. Rodriguez4, Clifford W. Hicks5, Yoshiteru Maeno6, Vidya Madhaven4, Kathryn A. Moler1,2
1SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory; 2Stanford University; 3Max Planck Institute; 4University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; 5University of Birmingham; 6Kyoto University

EFRC – c

Lightning Talk Challege

Timothy D. Brown

Predictive Inverse Design of Neuronal Components

Timothy D. Brown,1,2 Suhas Kumar,1 Adelaide Bradicich,2 R. Stanley Williams,2 Patrick J. Shamberger2
1Sandia National Laboratories—Livermore; 2Texas A&M University


Leveraging the resilience of diamond with its unique material properties towards Next Generation Grid innovation

Kelly Woo1, Mohamadali Malakoutian1, Matthias Muehle2, Franz Koeck4, Timothy Grotjohn3, Stephen Goodnick4, Robert Nemanich4, Srabanti Chowdhury1
1Stanford University, 2Fraunhofer USA Center, 3Michigan State University, 4Arizona State University


Lightning Talk Challege

Dr. Nam Vu

Towards accurate polaritonic potential energy surfaces with cavity quantum electrodynamics complete active space configuration interaction theory

Nam Vu1, Niranjan Govind2, Jonathan Foley1
1University of North Carolina-Charlotte; 2Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


Lightning Talk Challenge

Umesh Kumar

Theoretical RIXS investigation of the infinite layers nickelates

Umesh Kumar1, Corey Melnick2, Gabriel Kotliar1,2
1Rutgers University; 2Brookhaven National Lab

CMS – Comscope

Lightning Talk Challege

Chris Lygouras

Fragile superconductivity in a Dirac metal

Chris J. Lygouras1, Junyi Zhang1, Jonah Gautreau2, Mathew Pula2, Sudarshan Sharma2, Shiyuan Gao1,3, Tanya Berry1, Thomas Halloran1, Peter Orban1, Gael Grissonnanche3, Juan R. Chamorro1, Kagetora Mikuri3, Dilip K. Bhoi4, Maxime A. Siegler1, Kenneth J.T. Livi1, Yoshiya Uwatoko4, Satoru Nakatsuji1,4,5,6, B. J. Ramshaw3,6, Yi Li1, Graeme M. Luke2,7, Collin L. Broholm1,8, and Tyrel M. McQueen1.
1Johns Hopkins University; 2McMaster University; 3Cornell University; 4University of Tokyo; 5CREST, Japan Science and Technology Agency; 6Canadian Institute for Advanced Research; 7TRIUMF, Vancouver, Canada; 8NIST Center for Neutron Research.


Harnessing Quantum Geometry for the Detection and Manipulation of Antiferromagnetism

Jianxiang Qiu1, Zumeng Huang2, Junyeong Ahn1, Zhe Sun2, Anyuan Gao1, Jian Tang2, Houchen Li1, Ashvin Vishwanath1, Qiong Ma2, Suyang Xu
1Harvard University; 2Boston College


Lightning Talk Challege

Christian Bunker

Manipulating Molecular Entanglement Via Inelastic Scattering Of Itinerant Electrons

Christian Bunker, Silas Hoffman1, Xuanyan Jiang1, Eric Swizter3, Shuang-Long Liu1, Garnet Chan6, Hai-Ping Cheng1,8, George Christou1, Arthur Hebard1, Richard Hennig1, Steve Hill2,7, Mark Pederson4, Talat Rahman3, Michael Shatruk2, John Stanton1, Neil Sullivan1, Samuel Trickey1, Vivien Zapf5, Xiaoguang Zhang1, and Xiao-Xiao Zhang1
1University of Florida; 2Florida State University; 3University of Central Florida; 4University of Texas El Paso, 5Los Alamos National Laboratory; 6California Technology Institute; 7National Laboratory of High Magnetic Field, 8Northeastern University


Lightning Talk Challenge

(from left) Mit H. Naik, Hongyuan Li, Woochang Kim, Chen Hu and Yusuf Shaidu

Diverse Nature of Excitonic States in Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Moiré Superlattices

Mit H. Naik1,2, Hongyuan Li1,2, Chen Hu1,2, Woochang Kim1,2, Yusuf Shaidu1,2, Ziyu Xiang1,2, Jeffrey B. Neaton1,2, Felipe H. da Jornada3, Feng Wang1,2, and Steven G. Louie1,2
1University of California at Berkeley; 2Lawrence Berkeley National Lab; 3Stanford University


Lightning Talk Challege

(from left) Sebastian Calderon, John Hayden, Steven M. Baksa.

Atomic Scale Polarization Switching in Novel Ferroelectrics

Sebastian Calderon V,1 John Hayden,2 Steven M. Baksa,2 William Tzou,1 Susan Trolier-McKinstry,2 Ismaila Dabo,2 Jon-Paul Maria,2 Elizabeth C. Dickey1
1Carnegie Mellon University, 2Pennsylvania State University


Lightning Talk Challenge

Generation of entangled photon pairs from a layered semiconductor (3R-TMD).

Layered semiconductors are changing the game in quantum information

Chiara Trovatello1
1Columbia University


Lightning Talk Challege

Valeria Rosa Rocha

Long-range, Non-local Switching of Spin Textures in a Frustrated Antiferromagnet

Shannon C. Haley1,2, Valeria Rosa Rocha1,2, Eran Maniv3, Tessa Cookmeyer1,2, Susana Torres-Londono1, Meera Aravinth1, Joel Moore1,2, Robert J. Birgeneau1, James G. Analytis1,2
1University of California, Berkeley; 2Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; 3Ben-Gurion University of the Negev


Lightning Talk Challenge

(left) Aiden Ross, (right) Rui Zhu

Thermodynamics of Non-linear Optical Responses of Ferroelectrics

Aiden Ross1, Rui Zu1, Anna Morozovska2, Venkatraman Gopalan1, Long-Qing Chen1
1Penn State University, 2Ukraine Academy of Sciences.


Lightning Talk Challege

Ravindra S. Bisht

Non-local Interactions in Hydrogenated Perovskite Nickelate Synaptic Networks

Ravindra S. Bisht1, Jaeseoung Park2, Haoming Yu3, Chen Wu4, Nikhil Tilak1, Sylvie Rangan1, Tae J. Park3, Yifan Yuan1, Sarmistha Das4, Uday Goteti4, Hee Taek Yi1, Hussein Hijazi1, Abdullah Al-Mahboob5, Jerzy T. Sadowski5, Hua Zhou6, Seongshik Oh1, Eva Y. Andrei1, Monica T. Allen4, Duygu Kuzum2, Alex Frañó4, Robert C. Dynes4, and Shriram Ramanathan1
1Rutgers University; 2Purdue University; 4University of California San Diego; 5Brookhaven National Laboratory; 6Argonne National Laboratory


Lightning Talk Challenge

(from upper left) Kyunghyeon Lee, Emma Vargo, Christopher J. Eom, Areza Sumitro (from lower left) Beihang Yu, Yujin Lee, Maggy Harake

Pushing the Precision Limits in EUV Lithography: Overcoming Stochastics with Directed Self-Assembly and Area-Selective Atomic Layer Deposition

Kyunghyeon Lee1,2, Emma Vargo3, Christopher J. Eom1,2, Areza Sumitro3, Beihang Yu3, Yujin Lee4, Maggy Harake4, Rachel Segalman5, Stacey Bent4, Ricardo Ruiz3, Paul F. Nealey1,2
1Argonne National Laboratory; 2University of Chicago; 3Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; 4Stanford University; 5University of California, Santa Barbara


Lightning Talk Challege

Christian Multunas

Circular Dichroism of Crystals from First Principles

Christian Multunas1, Andrew Grieder2, Junqing Xu2, Yuan Ping2,3, and Ravishankar Sundararaman1, Rafi Ullah
1Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; 2University of Wisconsin-Madison; 3University of California, Santa Cruz


Lightning Talk Challenge

Cunzhi Zhang

Engineering the Formation of Spin-Defects from First Principles

Cunzhi Zhang1, Francois Gygi 2, Giulia Galli 3, 1
1University of Chicago; 4University of California, Davis; 3Argonne National Laboratory


Lightning Talk Challege

Paul Kent

A New Generation of Rare-Earth Pseudopotentials and Applications to Quantum Materials

Gani Annaberdiyev1, Haihan Zhou2, Benjamin Kincaid2, Guangming Wang2, Subhasish Mandal3, Jaron T. Krogel1, Lubos Mitas2, Panchapakesan Ganesh1
1Oak Ridge National Laboratory; 2North Carolina State University; 3West Virginia University


Lightning Talk Challenge

M. Iqbal Bakti Utama

Chemomechanical Modification of Quantum Emission in Monolayer WSe2

M. Iqbal Bakti Utama1, Hongfei Zeng1, Tumpa Sadhukhan1, Anushka Dasgupta1, S. Carin Gavin1, Riddhi Ananth1, Dmitry Lebedev1, Wei Wang2, Jia-Shiang Chen2, Kenji Watanabe3, Takashi Taniguchi3, Tobin J. Marks1, Xuedan Ma2, Emily A. Weiss1, George C. Schatz1, Nathaniel P. Stern1, Mark C. Hersam1
1Northwestern University; 2Argonne National Laboratory; 3National Institute for Materials Science, Japan


Lightning Talk Challege

Dr. Shunda Chen

Impacts of Short-range Order on Properties of Group IV Alloys

Shunda Chen1, Shang Liu2, Xiaochen Jin1, Yunfan Liang3, J. Zach Lentz4, Lilian Vogl5, Damien West3, Dragica Vasileska6, Shui-Qing Yu7, Paul McIntyre4, Andrew Minor5, Shengbai Zhang3, Jifeng Liu2 and Tianshu Li1
1George Washington University; 2Dartmouth College; 3Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; 4Stanford University; 5University of California, Berkeley; 6Arizona State University; 7University of Arkansas


Controlling Light Emission from Monolayer MoS2 With Dielectric Metasurfaces

S. C. Lau1, Y. Liu1, W. S. Cheng2, A. Johnson1, Q. Li1, E. Simmerman1, O. Karni1,3, J. Hu1, F. Liu1, M. Brongersma1, T. F. Heinz1,3, and J. A. Dionne1
1Stanford University. 2National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan. 3SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory



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