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Water in Silica Nanopores – Superman to the Rescue

The video shows simulations and TEM micrographs of naturally occurring and architected nanoporous materials and their interaction with confined liquids. An animated section to the sound of Pressure by the rock band, Muse, who shares our eponymous EFRC, accompanies the video animation.


Director & Cartoon: Jiaqi Jin
Editor: Bryce Wilson
Editorial Consultant: Ash Grover
Key Contributors: Hyeyoung Cho, Viktoriya Semeykina, Mikaila Hunt, Jan Goral
Participants: Hassnain Asgar, Siddharth Agrawal, Sohaib J. Mohammed, Jiaoyan Li, Rajashekhar Marthi
Faculty Advisers: Mark Koopman, Jan Miller

The song “Pressure” is by Matthew Bellamy, the band Muse, and Warner/Chappell Music Inc. (WMG). Copyright permission obtained by e-mail.