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Quantum Dots for Solar Windows

Queries into things so very small
Uptaking light, electricity for all!
Absorbing, then glowing to concentrate the sun
Nothing gets out, until the edge it will run.
Transparent: for windows & skylights or a whole wall
Ubiquitous as glass for buildings short or tall.
Multiple times the quantum dots emit

Do the calculations, push them to their limit!
Optically waveguided the emitted light it goes
To a solar cell, out of which the power flows.
Solar energy from a tinted window


Lots of people, more than we know.
So much clean energy from a thing you cannot see
Changing the world with Quantum Dot LSCs!

About the Image: 

Data shown in the image are from the following references:

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Ashley R Marshall
Andrew F Fidler

EFRC: Center for Advanced Solar Photophysics (CASP)