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Journey to biomass

Journey to biofuel
Fuel O fuel! what have you done ?
living without you terrifies the human.
"How do I save you from getting lost?" he cries,
"Aren't thou smart to look where thou have to ?" fuel replies.
Lightening struck his head, glimpses of the future he could see,
filled with schemes and desires, off he went the way he ought to be.
Walked miles and miles when an old tree trunk crossed his path.
"O dear, alive you helped me get food, shelter and fresh air,
end approaches you fast, one last wish I have if you care.
Reveal your secrets, I shall spin my wand and work magic.
Heat shall soften you while acids and catalysts crack open your skin,
fatty acids come first, sugars chasing after, leaving behind all lignin.
There I see the fuel, Hurray!! dear friend, we served a purpose together,
our future generations shall flourish I promise, forever".

About the Image: 

From the upper right:

Enzymatic digestion of maleic acid treated (solid lines, filled symbols) and untreated (dashed lines, open symbols) Arabidopsis biomass. (Ceisielski, PN. et al., (2015). Green Chem. 16:2627)

SEM and SHM of particle morphology and surface texture before and after maleic acid pretreatment. (Ceisielski, PN. et al., (2015). Green Chem. 16:2627)

Photo of a pyroprobe linked to a tandem-mass spectrometer that allows identification of the immediate reaction products of fast hydropyrolysis of biomass.

Using 13C labelled cellobioses to understand the mechanism of fast pyrolysis of carbohydrates. (Degenstein, JC. et al., (2015). J. Org. Chem. 80:1909).

Fallen tree in Turkey Run State Park, Marshall, Indiana.

Poplar clone NM6 milled through 1/4" mesh prepared for biomass conversion experiments.

Transmission electron microscopy of cell wall corners between adjacent fibre cells in Arabidopsis.  (Bonawitz, ND. et al., (2014), Nature. 509:376.

Nitya Kalyani Josyula

EFRC: Center for Direct Catalytic Conversion of Biomass to Biofuels (C3Bio)