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At Dawn I Rise

At dawn I rise

to take my post

we’ve sailed for months

I spot the coast


Crashing waves sand

the rugged cliffs

while seabirds scan

for food adrift


Pearly ocean foams

adorn the golden shore

lit by the rising sun,

twinkling ever more


The captain’s words take shape

he’d often say

there’s magic in the moonlight

but divineness in the day


Our epic journey

I begin to think

on cosmic scales

Was just a blink


With power to alter

for better or worse

the course of humanity

no chance to reverse


I relished the adventure

the challenge, the thrill

warmed by sun, fueled by wind

and destined by will


Daily our hearts

and might we gave

knowing that we

could control the waves


And so it is with this


light-matter interactions

tuned with meticulous degree


Solar radiation

(light waves and heat)

converted into electricity

in a high efficiency suite


Devices work by day

as researchers toil by night

a clean energy future

clearly within sight


Though the journey is long

And dark clouds abound

New solar materials concepts

could be profound


The earth’s energy future

Needs ideas new and prevailing

solar, wind, hydro, and more

all required for smooth sailing

About the Image: 
Dionne, Jennifer A.
Wu, Diane M.

EFRC: Light-Material Interactions in Energy Conversion (LMI)