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A Crystallographer's Peek

A world’s beginning first obscure and black,
until the light rays sent out their attack.
Micro space hosts/guests sing a complex theme,
private secrets exposed by angstrom-beam.

While short waves illuminate a crystal,
new universe reflects reciprocal.
Decipher ring diffraction mystery:
Read voyagers’ affairs and wander history.

As season change directs birds’ migration,
temperatures lure to relaxed position.
Whispered tips for spinning host scenery,
deeply trapped guests with minimal free energy.

Exploring unknown world – great adventure,
For ever–curious human nature.

About the Image: 

This research work focuses on the interactions between host (metal-organic frameworks) and guest molecules (CH4/CO2) by using synchrotron-based X-ray analysis. The rings and spots at top-left corner are the X-ray diffraction patterns. The guest distribution (shown as color clouds) in the host material varies with temperatures as interpreted from the peak intensity difference of the PXRD patterns. The animal skeletons represent the X-ray's nature and depict the guest molecules' dynamics. Please see DOI: 10.1021/ja5103579

Ying-Pin Chen

EFRC: Center for Gas Separations (CGS)