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Each active DOE Basic Energy Sciences (BES) center is invited to have a representative on the BES Early Career Network (ECN) planning committee.  The events they plan are open to all the early career members of their center, unless otherwise specified.  The following individuals are currently serving as their center's representative.

  • Dylan Anstine; University of Florida; NMGC (CCS)
  • Hanu Arava; Argonne National Laboratory/ Northwestern University; Q-MEEN-C (EFRC)
  • Eric Assaf; University of North Carolina Chapel Hill; AMPED (EFRC)
  • Matthew Christian; University of South Carolina; CHWM (EFRC)
  • Eric Cueny; University of Pennsylvania; CHASE (Hub)
  • Fatima Davila; University of Washington; CSSAS (EFRC)
  • William Dean; Case Western Reserve University; BEES (EFRC)
  • Pedro de Souza; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; CENT (EFRC)
  • Nico Dwarica; Yale University; CME (EFRC)
  • Alec Follmer; California Institute of Technology; LiSA (Hub)
  • Laura Froute; Stanford University; CMC-UF (EFRC)
  • Thomas (Tom) Gartner; Princeton University; CSI (CCS)
  • Tim Goetjen; Northwestern University; ICDC (EFRC)
  • David Halat; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; JCESR (Hub)
  • Ashlyn Hale; University of Florida; M2QM (EFRC)
  • Zachary Hinton; University of Delaware; CPI (EFRC)
  • Tyler Jaynes; Northwestern University; CBES (EFRC)
  • Robert Kennedy; Argonne National Laboratory; iCOUP (EFRC)
  • Amey Khanolkar; Idaho National Laboratory; TETI (EFRC)
  • Krystal Lee; Binghamton University;NECCES (EFRC)
  • Diana Lutz; Stony Brook University; m2Mt (EFRC)
  • Xinyou Ma; University of Chicago; AMEWS (EFRC)
  • Takuya Maeda; Cornell University; ULTRA (EFRC)
  • Lynnicia Massenburg; Penn State University; CLSF (EFRC)
  • Rebecca McAuliffe; Oak Ridge National Laboratory; GENESIS (EFRC)
  • Emily Nienhuis; Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; IDREAM (EFRC)
  • Ken O'Neal; Los Alamos National Laboratory; CATS (EFRC)
  • Akhilesh Paspureddi; University of Texas at Austin; M-WET (EFRC)
  • Bo Peng; Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; SPEC (CCS)
  • Megan Phelan; California Institute of Technology; PTL (EFRC)
  • Maria Philip; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; CEES (EFRC)
  • Kaitlyn Prenger; Tulane University; FIRST (EFRC)
  • Sangeeta Rajpurohit; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; NPNEQ (CMS)
  • Arthur Ronne; Stony Brook University; MSEE (EFRC)
  • Viktoriya Semeykina; University of Utah; MUSE (EFRC)
  • Lixin Sun; Harvard University; IMASC (EFRC)
  • Tarnuma Tabassum; University of California, Santa Barbara; CCEI (EFRC)
  • Dayton (Jon) Vogel; Sandia National Laboratories; UNCAGE-ME (EFRC)
  • Kunyu Wang; Texas A&M University; CGS (EFRC)
  • Yishu Wang; Johns Hopkins University; IQM (EFRC)
  • Sophie Weber; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; NPQC (EFRC)
  • Kira Wyckoff; University of California, Santa Barbara; SCALAR (EFRC)
  • Zhifei Yan; University of Pennsylvania; CABES (EFRC)
  • Kayla Yano; Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; FUTURE (EFRC)
  • Yaxin Zhai; National Renewable Energy Laboratory; CHOISE (EFRC)