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Each active DOE Basic Energy Sciences (BES) center is invited to have a representative on the BES Early Career Network (ECN) planning committee.  The events they plan are open to all the early career members of their center, unless otherwise specified.  The following individuals are currently serving as their center's representative.

  • Hanu Arava; Northwestern University; Q-MEEN-C (EFRC)
  • Farbod Alimohamadi; Temple University; CCM (EFRC) 
  • Dylan Anstine; University of Florida; NMGC (CCS)
  • Carmen Chen; Georgia Tech; UNCAGE-ME (EFRC)
  • Pedro de Souza; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; CENT (EFRC)
  • Carlos Diaz; University of Texas at El Paso; FLOSIC (CCS)
  • Jefferson Dixon; Stanford; PTL (EFRC)
  • Zhe Fan; Oak Ridge National Laboratory; EDDE (EFRC)
  • Liang Feng; Texas A&M; CGS (EFRC)
  • Laura Froute; Stanford University; CMC-UF (EFRC)
  • Thomas (Tom) Gartner; Princeton University; CSI (CCS)
  • Antonin Grenier; Argonne National Laboratory; NECCES (EFRC)
  • David Guzman; Brookhaven National Laboratory; COMSCOPE (CMS)
  • David Halat; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; JCESR (Hub)
  • Ashlyn Hale; University of Florida; M2QM (EFRC)
  • Satcher Hsieh; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory/ University of California, Berkeley; NPQC (EFRC)
  • Guoxiangb Hu; Oak Ridge National Laboratory; CPSFM (CMS)
  • Zach Huffman; Florida State University; CAST (EFRC)
  • Na-Hyun Jo; Ames Laboratory/ Iowa State; CATS (EFRC)
  • Samantha Johnson; Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; CME (EFRC)
  • Jeffery Klein; Case Western Reserve University; BEES (EFRC)
  • Vancho Kocevski; University of South Carolina; CHWM (EFRC)
  • Xinyou Ma; University of Chicago; AMEWS (EFRC)
  • Lynnicia Massenburg; Penn State University; CLSF (EFRC)
  • Annalise Maughan; National Renewal Energy Laboratory; CHOISE (EFRC)
  • Emily Mazeau; Northeastern University; ECC (CCS)
  • Rebecca McAuliffe; Oak Ridge National Laboratory; GENESIS (EFRC)
  • Alison McCarthy; Stony Brook University; m2mt (EFRC)
  • Josh Moon; University of California, Santa Barbara; M-WET (EFRC)
  • Saba Navabzadeh Esmaeely; Ohio State University; WastePD (EFRC)
  • Emily Nienhuis; Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; IDREAM (EFRC)
  • Sri Chaitanya Das (Das) Pemmaraju; SLAC; NPNEQ (CMS)
  • Bo Peng; Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; SPEC (CCS)
  • Natasha Pense; Montana State; BETCy (EFRC)
  • Maria Philip; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; CEES (EFRC)
  • Kaitlyn Prenger; Tulane; FIRST (EFRC)
  • Diana Qiu; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; C2SEPEM (CMS)
  • Rodolfo Rodriguez; University of California, Riverside; SHINES (EFRC)
  • Natalia Rodriguez Quiroz; University of Delaware; CCEI (EFRC)
  • Arthur Ronne; Stony Brook University; MSEE (EFRC)
  • Janani Sampath; University of Washington; CSSAS (EFRC)
  • Amrita Sen; Purdue University; TETI (EFRC)
  • Aaron Sternbach; Columbia University; Pro-QM (EFRC)
  • David Stewart; University of Maryland; NEES (EFRC)
  • Aaron Stone; Northwestern University; LEAP (EFRC)
  • Lixin Sun; Harvard University; IMASC (EFRC)
  • Nick Till; Princeton University; BioLEC (EFRC)
  • Zach Urbach; Northwestern University; CBES (EFRC)
  • Yishu Wang; Johns Hopkins University; IQM (EFRC)
  • Kira Wyckoff; University of California, Santa Barbara; SCALAR (EFRC)
  • Yiqing Xia; University of California Davis; MUSE (EFRC)
  • Peng Xu; Iowa State University; ESHIC (CCS)
  • Yao Yang; Cornell University; CABES (EFRC)
  • Ying Yang; Northwestern University; ICDC (EFRC)
  • Kayla Yano; Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; FUTURE (EFRC)