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Each active DOE Basic Energy Sciences (BES) center is invited to have a representative on the BES Early Career Network (ECN) planning committee.  The events they plan are open to all the early career members of their center, unless otherwise specified.  The following individuals are currently serving as their center's representative.

  • Erha Andini; University of Delaware; CCEI (EFRC)
  • Hanu Arava; Argonne National Laboratory/ Northwestern University; Q-MEEN-C (EFRC)
  • Fikret Aydin; Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; CENT (EFRC)
  • Daria Balatsky; University of California, Berkeley; NPQC (EFRC)
  • Simon Bettler; University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; QSQM (EFRC)
  • Christopher Blais; Northeastern University; ECC (CCS)
  • Michael Brady; University of Southern California; SCALAR (EFRC)
  • Sangkook Choi; Brookhaven National Laboratory; COMSCOPE (CMS)
  • Jacob Clary; National Renewal Energy Laboratory; BEAST (CCS)
  • Eric Cueny; University of Pennsylvania; CHASE (Hub)
  • Dipayan Datta; Ames Laboratory; HetCat (CCS)
  • Fatima Davila; University of Washington; CSSAS (EFRC)
  • William Dean; Case Western Reserve University; BEES (EFRC)
  • Fabien Deligey; Louisiana State University; CLSF (EFRC)
  • Alanna Felts; Northwestern University; AMEWS (EFRC)
  • Gaël Grissonnanche; Cornell University; IQM (EFRC)
  • Xiaolei Guo; Ohio State University; WastePD (EFRC)
  • Zachary Hinton; University of Delaware; CPI (EFRC)
  • Lianbo Hu; University of Utah; MUSE (EFRC)
  • Tyler Jaynes; Northwestern University; CBES (EFRC)
  • Sally Jiao; University of California, Santa Barbara; M-WET (EFRC)
  • Firoza Kabir; University of Central Florida; TETI (EFRC)
  • Samreen Khan; University of California, Riverside; ULTRA (EFRC)
  • Jon Lafuente-Bartolome; University of Texas at Austin; EPW (CMS)
  • Jessica Lamb; Argonne National Laboratory; iCOUP (EFRC)
  • Elizabeth (Liza) Lee; University of Chicago; MICCoM (CMS)
  • Rebecca McAuliffe; Oak Ridge National Laboratory; GENESIS (EFRC)
  • Sean Mills; University of California, Berkeley / Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; FUTURE (EFRC)
  • Bar Mosevitzky Lis; Lehigh University; UNCAGE-ME (EFRC)
  • Manju Murugesu; Stanford University; CMC-UF (EFRC)
  • Duyen Nguyen; Central Michigan University; FLOSIC (CCS)
  • Emily Nienhuis; Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; IDREAM (EFRC)
  • Grace Panetti; Princeton University; BioLEC (EFRC)
  • Cheyenne Peltier; Cornell University; CABES (EFRC)
  • Bo Peng; Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; SPEC (CCS)
  • Alexander Phearman; Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; CME (EFRC)
  • Megan Phelan; California Institute of Technology; PTL (EFRC)
  • Pablo Piaggi; Princeton University; CSI (CCS)
  • Molleigh Preefer; SLAC; JCESR (Hub)
  • Kaitlyn Prenger; Tulane University; FIRST (EFRC)
  • Sangeeta Rajpurohit; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; NPNEQ (CMS)
  • Rebecca Scheidt; National Renewal Energy Laboratory; CHOISE (EFRC)
  • Scott Jensen; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; QMC-HAMM (CMS)
  • Hafeera Shabbir; Clemson University; ICDC (EFRC)
  • Smitha Shetty; Pennsylvania State University; 3DFEM (EFRC)
  • Kaihang Shi; Northwestern Univeristy; NMGC (CCS)
  • Aaron Sternbach; Columbia University; Pro-QM (EFRC)
  • Eric Switzer; University of Central Florida; M2QM (EFRC)
  • Connor Terry Weatherly; Northwestern University; CMQT (EFRC)
  • Patrick West; Stony Brook University; m2Mt (EFRC)
  • Thais Victa Trevisan; Ames Laboratory; CATS (EFRC)
  • Meng Wu; University of California, Berkeley; C2SEPEM (CMS)
  • George Yan; University of California, Los Angeles; IMASC (EFRC)
  • Marija Zoric; SLAC; LiSA (Hub)