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Each active DOE Basic Energy Sciences (BES) center is invited to have a representative on the BES Early Career Network (ECN) planning committee.  The events they plan are open to all the early career members of their center, unless otherwise specified.  The following individuals are currently serving as their center's representative.

  • George Agbeworvi; Texas A&M University; REMIND (EFRC)
  • Erha Andini; University of Delaware; CCEI (EFRC)
  • Daria Balatsky; University of California, Berkeley; NPQC (EFRC)
  • Christopher Blais; Northeastern University; ECC (CCS)
  • Michael Brady; University of Southern California; SCALAR (EFRC)
  • Kyle Bushick; University of Michigan; EPW (CMS)
  • Joseph Casamento; Pennsylvania State University; 3DFEM (EFRC)
  • Paul Chery; Northwestern University; HEISs (EFRC)
  • Saumil Chheda; University of Minnesota; CD4DC (EFRC)
  • Chris Ciccarino; Stanford; PTL (EFRC)
  • Jacob Clary; National Renewal Energy Laboratory; BEAST (CCS)
  • Bryce Hansen; Ohio State University; BEES (EFRC)
  • Joshua Del Mundo; Pennsylvania State University; CLSF (EFRC)
  • Jingshan Du; Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; CSSAS (EFRC)
  • Matthew Emerson; University of Iowa; MSEE (EFRC)
  • Christopher Eom; University of Chicago / Argonne National Laboratory; CHiPPS (EFRC)
  • Shreenanda Ghosh; Johns Hopkins University; IQM (EFRC)
  • Scott Jensen; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; QMC-HAMM (CMS)
  • Swagatika Kamila; Georgia State University; FaCT (EFRC)
  • Samreen Khan; University of California, Riverside; ULTRA (EFRC)
  • Jason Kuang; Stony Brook University; m2m#S (EFRC)
  • Jessica Lamb; Argonne National Laboratory; iCOUP (EFRC)
  • Matt Landsman; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; M-WET (EFRC)
  • Jennifer Lee; Harvard University; IMASC (EFRC)
  • Jacob Lessard; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; REMAT (EFRC)
  • María Ley Flores; University of Chicago; CPI (EFRC)
  • Lixin Lu; University of Washington; IDREAM (EFRC)
  • Linu Malakkal; Idaho National Laboratory; TETI (EFRC)
  • Daniel Markiewitz; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; CENT (EFRC)
  • Tyler McCarthy; Arizona State University; μ-ATOMS (EFRC)
  • Daniel Mejia-Rodriguez; Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; MAPOL (CCS)
  • Sean Mills; University of California, Berkeley / Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; FUTURE (EFRC)
  • Joan Montes De Oca; University of Chicago; AMEWS (EFRC)
  • Bar Mosevitzky Lis; Lehigh University; UNCAGE-ME (EFRC)
  • Duyen Nguyen; Central Michigan University; FLOSIC (CCS)
  • Grace Panetti; Princeton University; BioLEC (EFRC)
  • Laura Paradis-Fortin; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; LiSA (Hub)
  • Taejoon Park; Ohio State University; AIM (EFRC)
  • Lauren Pellows; University of Colorado, Boulder; EPN (EFRC)
  • Cheyenne Peltier; Cornell University; CABES (EFRC)
  • Bo Peng; Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; SPEC (CCS)
  • Pablo Piaggi; Princeton University; CSI (CCS)
  • Molleigh Preefer; SLAC; JCESR (Hub)
  • Victor Quito; Ames Laboratory; CATS (EFRC)
  • Jonathan Tyler (Tyler) Reichanadter; University of California, Berkeley; NPQC (EFRC)
  • Prasannakumar (Prasanna) Salasiya; University of Minnesota; GMCS (EFRC)
  • Bryon Sanchez; Stony Brook University; GENESIS (EFRC)
  • Rebecca Scheidt; National Renewal Energy Laboratory; CHOISE (EFRC)
  • Shaama Sharada; University of Southern California; ExaQC (CCS)
  • Jared Stanley; University of California, Irvine; 4C (EFRC)
  • Aaron Sternbach; Columbia University; Pro-QM (EFRC)
  • Sa Suo; Emory University; CHASE (Hub)
  • Eric Switzer; University of Central Florida; M2QM (EFRC)
  • An Ta; University of Florida; CHWM (EFRC)
  • Emily Waite; University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; QSQM (EFRC)
  • Connor Terry Weatherly; Northwestern University; CMQT (EFRC)
  • Patrick West; Stony Brook University; m2Mt (EFRC)
  • Sunmoon Yu; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; CEDARS (EFRC)
  • Shenli Zhang; University of Chicago; Q-MEEN-C (EFRC)