In this time of technology catching our gaze,
Talk of AI is the wildest craze.
But here’s a playful jest to impart,
Did ChatGPT scribe this from the start?

This search for progress, our thoughts ignite,
With physics as guide, we seek the light,
Energy efficiency—a quest profound,
With quivering quanta, we thread the ground,
For quantum materials, the mystery’s clear,
Computers like the mind we hold so dear,
Data’s dance in energy’s embrace,
A kinship to the brain, in time and space.

Why have logic and memory in serial,
When you can instead use effects most ethereal,
Whereby your resistance
Exploits the existence—
Of hysteresis in a quantum material!

A modern poem with three stanzas of coupled rhymes (AABB). A humorous introductory quatrain about our current tech scene, followed by an octet describing the process of energy-efficiency using quantum material in new computers that mimic the human brain, and a concluding limerick to sum up the idea.

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About the Image

Graphic created by Quantum Materials for Energy-Efficient Neuromorphic Computing (Q-MEEN-C) for the Poetry and Science Art Contest II at the 2023 DOE EFRC-Hub-CMS-CSS Principal Investigators’ Meeting.


Alex Frañó, Mario Rojas Grave De Peralta, Jonathan Schuller
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