Poetry of Science Entries

In Full Color

A tight-knit group of photon friends, of neighboring nuclear birth,

Started on their journey towards our spinning earth.


With the break of...

The Free Charge of AN-SER

(Rapped to the beats of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)


Now, this is a story all about how
My exciton got split, charges up and down

As Above, So Below

We occupy a privileged place
at the heart of things.
Halfway between the infinite
and the infinitesimal,
we have eyes to see both

Ode to the Chlorosome

Round, lamellar, cylindrical, round
The millions of chlorophyll molecules align
All together they move in a single line
To form large structures all...

Journey to biomass

Journey to biofuel

Fuel O fuel! what have you done ?

living without you terrifies the human.

"How do I save you from getting lost?" he...

At Dawn I Rise

At dawn I rise

to take my post

we’ve sailed for months

I spot the coast


Crashing waves sand

the rugged cliffs...

A Crystallographer's Peek

A world’s beginning first obscure and black,

until the light rays sent out their attack.

Micro space hosts/guests sing a complex theme,


Footprints on Copper

I rush through empty space,

as methyl propels my flight,

another carbon lends me grace,

and hydroxy guides my sight.


I seek...

Metastability for Awesome Utility

My sibling is grounded,

has low energy.

And then you have me

and I wish to be free.


I’m in the same family


Go with the Flow

Energy: a necessity for all.

Sun, wind, nuclear, ethanol.

Great sources of energy these may be,

But living cells are the most efficient, you see...

The Modern Man Runs on Lithium Ion

The Lithium Ion,

Enabler of work and play.

Fueling our technology,

Modern lives dysfunctional without.


Humans navigate...

Taming Vortices:  Pathways to improved Superconductivity

~~Superconducting Sleuths
Who could have predicted such longevity,
To the study of superconductivity?


I thought that I would never see
a solar cell looking like a tree.


A tree with others in a forest
with fruitful molecules ripe for...

Afterlife of a photon


                    Life was so short.
Born in a fiery dance of heat and...

Quantum Dots for Solar Windows

Queries into things so very small

Uptaking light, electricity for all!

Absorbing, then glowing...

Three Ways of Looking at a Battery

​I. Vision

Small structures can build greater things

-- Nano, micro, meso, more --

Storing energy for a better tomorrow.

Nanostructures for Electrical Energy Storage