Frontiers in Energy Research: Winter 2015

Winter 2015


Protecting Batteries: Advancing on Two Fronts

Timothy Plett

We all have our wish list for batteries. But batteries are compromises, balancing cost, longevity, energy, speed, and so forth. Scientists at the Energy Frontier Research Centers are seeking to minimize these trade-offs through new techniques that study and protect lithium-ion batteries...

Feature Articles

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    Storms Are the Norm, Underground

    Kirsten Chojnicki
    Chemical reactions influence how fluids travel for oil recovery, nuclear waste remediation, and other activities. Scientists at several EFRCs are discovering how to improve our understanding of fluids' ETAs...
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    Perspectives on Women in Energy Science

    Michelle Harris
    What will it take to achieve the diversity needed to solve the nation's toughest energy challenges? Scientists at the EFRCs take on this question and more...

Research Highlights

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    The Mummy Strategy

    Zach Morseth
    Wrapping up catalysts and light absorbers creates an assembly that can turn light into fuel...
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    In Pursuit of the "Holey" Grail

    Sameer Patwardhan
    Thought to be insulators, certain frameworks actually conduct electricity and can tolerate rough conditions, making them a promising material for turning sunlight into fuel...
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    Programmable Proteins

    Garrett Williams
    Turning sunlight into fuels is a dance that has quite intricate steps. Now, scientists have a new way to delve into how it all begins...
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    How to Catch Air

    Ryan Patet
    Too little and the carbon dioxide isn't captured. Too much and plugs form. The just-right amount didn't exist. It came down to changing...

Editor's Note

Some days, it’s about the journey—the dreaming, the planning, the adventures you have along the way. It’s the fantastic Italian restaurant you find because you got lost walking back to your hotel. Or the discoveries scientists make and the inspirations that lead them to dedicate their careers to research. Such as working to replace a brittle metal in a solar cell and finding out you may be closer to solar panels that could be rolled up like a rug. Or studying carbon capture and finding out that the problem isn’t what everyone said it was. This issue of Frontiers in Energy Research offers you a chance to read about the diverse backgrounds, concerns, and discoveries made as the scientists journey to the energy frontiers and beyond. 

Editorial Board and Writers

Editorial Board

Kirsten Chojnicki, Center for Frontiers of Subsurface Energy Security
Corinne Dorais, Materials Science of Actinides Center
Lauren Garten, Center for Next Generation of Materials by Design: Incorporating Metastability
Michelle Harris, Argonne-Northwestern University Solar Energy Research Center
Nare Janvelyan, Integrated Mesoscale Architectures for Sustainable Catalysis
Ke Jin, Energy Dissipation to Defect Evolution
Rhesa Ledbetter, Center for Biological Electron Transfer and Catalysis

Zachary Morseth, Center for Solar Fuels
Ryan Patet, Catalysis Center for Energy Innovation
Tim Plett, Nanostructures for Electrical Energy Storage Energy Frontier Research Center
Nate Thomas, Light-Materials Interactions Energy Frontier Research Center
Garrett Williams, Center for Biological Electron Transfer and Catalysis

Kristin Manke, Center for Molecular Electrocatalysis, Editor-in-Chief

Guest Writer

Sameer Patwardhan, Argonne-Northwestern University Solar Energy Research Center

Disclaimer: The opinions in this newsletter are those of the individual authors and do not represent the views or position of the Department of Energy.